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During my career as a non-profit and for-profit CEO, I’ve been in the washing machine of leadership triumphs and challenges. I’ve felt the burn of human-resource struggles with employees that I’ve invested in. I’ve felt the pride of raising millions of dollars, only to see it dampened by the cost to my body. I’ve walked off of national television broadcasts to find a marriage threatened by my inability to “turn work off.” I’ve faced the pain of years-long fertility struggles and watched this journey transform my life.

I’ve managed, trained and coached dozens of people. I’ve helped them fit better on teams, and cultivate teams that fit better together. I’ve helped them more clearly articulate their goals and walked them through the achievement process. I’ve helped clarify blockages, and drawn roadmaps for clearing them. I’ve helped change-makers at all stages in their careers step into deeper leadership.

The methodologies I work with range from ancient spiritual practices to modern gestalt organizational development. And as I teach, I do: my commitment to staying present with my own development means that I will be a practice partner in your journey.


The next 10 - 20 years will determine how many humans will survive our current ecological, social and economic breakdowns. This coaching work prepares your soul, mind, body and heart to lead through fear, through grief, through loss. It teaches you practical strategies for weathering democratic, economic and social evolution.

Each coaching package is created bespoke with your specific leadership and business goals in mind. In our coaching work, you have access to the full range of tools, practices and experiences I’ve gained over the course of my career, so the sky’s the limit.

On the spirit/soul/woo side: I can support you with a somatic chakra practice to stabilize difficult circumstances and seek insights. We can establish your specific process for setting energetic boundaries for clarity and strong decision-making. We can use a kinesiology process for communicating directly with the ecosystem to make holistic decisions in your life and business. I have direct experience both using and teaching these techniques, and it’s one of my life’s joys to share this with powerful women leaders.

On the mental/emotional/team side: We can engage the Social Fertility Framework and curriculum; we can explore diversity and inclusion method for your business; we can unpack your relationship to leadership challenges; I can build specific facilitated mediations, team communication guidelines and other organizational development practices to ensure your team is high functioning. (When we begin to bleed into consulting territory, we can create a separate contract for that with my team).


Duration: The Coaching Program is determined in quarterly packages of 10 sessions each - we can work together as few as three months and up to several years.

Intake Process: You will fill out an intake questionnaire and we will have one or a series of meetings to determine the goals and process for your coaching engagement.

Video Calls/Meetings: 90-minute 1:1 coaching calls every other week, following the plan we outlined in the intake form. We will also schedule additional meetings with you or your team as requested.

Voice Note Support: We will set up a What’s App/Signal/Marco Polo channel to leave one another voice notes whenever you need support - during our engagement, you have access to me when you need it.

Learning Platform: All coaching clients receive a year-long membership to the Soil and Shadow learning platform, with courses, tools and group Q & A's.

I invest in my 1:1 clients, so I only take on a handful at a time.


The investment for this coaching package is $10,000.

This coaching package is oriented toward Executive level leaders - we go deep! If you’re not managing Executive/Director level responsibilities in your work, then the Soil and Shadow Learning Platform (specifically the Joy + Impact Academy) might be more appropriate for you. It’s a beautiful leadership development program that uses many of the same tools but in a different format - fill out the form below to find out more.

Once you fill out an application, we'll get on the phone and determine whether this is the right program for you.

If this resonates, I'd love to speak with you!