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An international keynote speaker, Nikki is well known for her combination of vulnerability and razor-sharp analysis. In addition to her speaking appearances at conferences and private events, Nikki forwards the messages of social change and heart-centered leadership through numerous media channels., the Huffington Post, and the San Francisco Chronicle have featured her writing, and her numerous television appearances include MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes, KCET's Socal Connected, and MSNBC's The Melissa Harris Perry Show.

“Um, can Nikki speak every year?!”

Nikki Silvestri was absolutely incredible. Her story and the way she tied it to the community mission of the organization was spot on.”

~ Program for Early Parent Support Annual Luncheon Attendees


"mesmerizing and incredibly thought-provoking"

"Nikki engages audiences with her effortless style of disarming humor and obvious integrity; she's both mesmerizing and incredibly thought-provoking. Our conference reaches hundreds of thousands of people across the world and her contributions continue to attract very positive feedback even one year later."

~ Barbara Calland, Ellen MacArthur Foundation


A Selection of Speaking Engagements

Nikki Silvestri: Soil and Building Healthy Communities
Andrew Keen interviews Social Impact Strategist Nikki Silvestri.
Nikki Silvestri, Keynote: 2021 CA Small Farm Conference
Program for Early Parent Support: Nikki Silvestri Keynote
Nikki Silvestri: Race x Climate Justice
Program for Early Parent Support: Nikki Silvestri Keynote
Nikki Silvestri: Soil and Your Inner Power
Building true allies: Nikki Silvestri at TEDxManhattan
Nikki Silvestri - Building Compassion and Discipline in the Climate Justice Movement
An interview with an African-American environmental leader, Nikki Silvestri
Nikki Silvestri: building healthy, thriving communities
Nikki Silvestri: Connecting Soils to Families
Nikki Silvestri, “Food Systems, Communities, and You”
Nikki Silvestri: Healthy Soil Healthy Minds: Connecting Health, Environment, and Ethics
Nikki Silvestri: Science of Hope Conference
Nikki Silvestri: Women’s March Napa Valley
Nikki Silvestri: The Black Power and Farmworker Movements-TEDxFruitvale
Nikki Silvestri: Healthy Soils, Healthy Families

Nikki’s YouTube Playlist of Keynotes, Interviews, and Podcasts