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Listen, Reflect, Design, Execute

Our strategic consulting, whether with just your team or a large group of both internal and external stakeholders, follows a Listen, Reflect, Design and Execute process.

Listen: Working with the client, we conduct a series of interviews to seek an understanding of individual and collective needs, motivations, and interests. We develop a list of stakeholders who will care about—truly have a stake in--your final product. Relationship care accelerates and creates the foundation for effective systemic change. We curate opportunities to demonstrate this. Relationships always include the Earth; resiliency and ecosystem regeneration are built into all we do.

Reflect: We analyze findings and reflect them back to the client and stakeholders in ways they can hear and use.

Design: We facilitate a structured design process that integrates top-down with bottom-up participation. We guide this process to ensure outcomes that serve all needs—regeneration of relationships, economies, and ecosystems. We use an asset-based approach emphasizing strengths to influence challenges. We design for the development of good social capital among diverse stakeholders.

Execute: We are hands-on, or light-touch with project execution, depending on our clients’ needs.


There are straightforward projects:

Convening/Meeting Design and Facilitation

Community Building Event Design and Facilitation

High-touch Strategic Advising


And there are more intricate projects:

A convening, interview series and publication about the intersection between healthy soil and healthy communities.

Project management for the concept, creation and launch of the No Regrets Initiative Educational Website.

An interview series and publication about natural resource management, regional economic development, and bridging communities in the soil-to-soil textile sector.

A performance art script using soil, horticulture and ecology as a metaphor for healing racism (one of our personal favorites, and coming soon).

An interview series and in-person convening of people-of-color leaders from around the country on the intersection of spirit, ecology and culture.

Our facilitation work takes us to many communities, including women ranchers from across the country, state audit departments, and impact investing initiatives.

And much more…