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2024 Reflections + Yay Video Podcasting

How's 2024 going for you? Many folks I'm speaking with are juuussstt getting started with their years after a slow January.


On our end, we're transitioning to a more streamlined video podcast on Substack, called "Social Fertility: Leadership, Motherhood and Life". 


I'm excited to share the first episode with you.

In this vlog, you'll hear:

  • a deeper personal update/check in (so much happening!)

  • why we decided to move to this format, and what you can expect moving forward

  • a reflection on how to activate deeper care in the workplace and at home during times of hustle

  • Soil and Shadow's plans for 2024 and how we can collaborate

020824 Vlog Image

I'm very much looking forward to your thoughts. Hope you're well - send me a note about how the year is starting in your world, I'd love to hear from you.

Take care,



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