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3 Things To Remember When Giving Feedback

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Personal Check In:

My family has been sick for 5 weeks straight (yay back to school), and now the baby has COVID - but we're mostly asymptomatic! Feeling grateful to get COVID in 2022 and not in 2020.


Vlog Nuggets:

  • Being quarantined reminded me of why my calling is so important - our personal work comes up STRONG in purpose-driven initiatives. Human fear, greed and grief are significant parts of the "root problems" we seek to address in social impact work.

  • A recent common way my team and I are seeing this express itself is in the way individuals on teams give feedback (receiving feedback is a WHOLE other ball of wax, for another time).

  • 3 Things To Remember When Giving Feedback

    • Acknowledge your responsibility first - were you clear on expectations? Boundaries? Agreements? What did you do to contribute to the situation?
    • Empathize with their circumstances - "Whew, I know you've been through several difficult personal situations lately. I understand it's been hard for you." ; "Man, your first job after graduating is always tough! I remember how that felt, constantly learning and feeling behind - it gets better."
    • Remember that it's "us against the problem" vs "me against you" - It's a respectful parenting tool that's very useful in professional settings. People are in purpose-driven work because they care. Remember that, and stand with them against whatever problem is preventing y'all from succeeding.

Hear more script ideas and examples on the vlog above, 
and let me know how giving feedback is going for you in the comments.


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