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2023: Curiosity, Consistency, Communities of Practice

Personal Check in:

It's the last week of my fall/winter slow-down time that I take between Thanksgiving and mid-January, and what a beautifully rejuvenating time it's been. I've DEFINITELY been putting in work with two kids under 5, but I've been meeting intensity with deep practice and it's working for us.

My themes and inquiries for 2023, that I discuss on today's vlog:

  1. Consistency: Where have I been consistent? Where would I like to be more consistent? How do I do show up in those desired areas with grace?

  2. Curiosity: How can I be increasingly curious about my discomfort and resistance? Especially when it's about joyful, pleasurable things?

  3. Communities of Practice: The last 3 years have been a MAJOR personal practice uplevel - the next evolution is about more formal practice in the community. On the vlog, I share about Soil and Shadow's 2023 plans - an advanced facilitation training for women; a Black women/BiPOC women cohort experience centered on land ritual, art, and the exchange between soil and the human body; team trainings on diversity, equity, inclusion, and organizational development.

Excited for this year, and excited to be back in touch. What are your 2023 themes/inquiries?




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