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Tulsa, Facilitation and Communities of Practice


Personal Check In: I went to Tulsa, OK last week to visit Vonda Vaden Bates (our collaborator here at Soil and Shadow) and have a personal history journey. Hear how my ancestry connects to the Tulsa Massacre, Black Wall Street in the Greenwood District, and All Black Towns in today's vlog.
Greenwood Rising Center 

Our other topic for today is facilitation. In the vlog, I discuss:

  1. Facilitation as a central skill to support communities of practice, and the stages through which a facilitator moves groups

  2. The components of Gathering Fire, an advanced facilitation training I designed in partnership with Christine Ageton, that I'll be leading this week at Paicines Ranch.

I'm also curious about your facilitation experience - in what parts of your life do you facilitate? In your home? In your office? Does it come naturally or do you struggle with it?

If you're interested in learning more about Gathering Fire after hearing the vlog, let us know and we'll be sure to get you information on its future iterations.

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