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Two Frameworks for Appropriate Vulnerability in the Workplace



Personal Check-In: I've been travelling for six weeks with my 2 year old, 5 year old, and husband, visiting grandparents in different cities. Yay summer! And - I am TIRED.😩😂 But look at those faces!

Nikki and Ikenna Summer 2023

Galen and Ime Summer 2023

Today, we're discussing two frameworks for appropriate vulnerability in the workplace, and I share: 

  • Why vulnerability is important for both high performance and equity/inclusion on teams, especially in the social impact world.

  • A framework for vulnerability from the theater world: To Be, and Not To Be.

  • The science behind vulnerability from Dr. Carl Marci and his work on concordance - the change in electrical resistance that measures emotional arousal.

  • A role play on how a manager could use this information to give difficult feedback.

There are so many models and frameworks for vulnerability, and we'd love to collect them - do you have one or two you'd like to share?


It's good to be back in touch after a summer hiatus!


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