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Contextual Consistency, Non-Duality, and Caregiving


Personal check in:

My morning was WILD. Baby up between midnight and 1:30am. Sleeping on the living room couch to get some rest. STILL getting up at 5am to meditate and do strength training. THEN dropping a glass mason jar right before heading to work and still being late.

Themes from today's vlog:

  1. Our society is structured around linear consistency, to ensure capitalism continues running the way it was designed. The most vulnerable members of our society - children, women, elders - have non-linear, cyclical relationships to consistency.

  2. For caregivers: what is the context of those I'm caring for? What is my context? How do they relate?

  3. Reflective practice is required to be in a non-dual relationship with consistency. On the one hand: capitalism or not, consistency is required for progress and moving through discomfort and growth edges. On the other hand: sometimes discomfort is signaling a need for a different practice, rest, etc. Reflective practice supports the discernment of which way to lean when one is experiencing discomfort, and the ability to have contextual consistency.

  4. In the vlog, I discuss a couple of examples from my own life and from that of our clients.


How do you practice consistency with attention to your specific context? Where have you experienced yourself struggling with discernment about whether to push through or not?


More in today's vlog, and I'd love to hear your reflections.

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