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Script: When your growth edge is different than your colleague's



Personal Check In: Missed you last week! I was down with a nasty chest cold that ripped through our children's preschool. Continuing gratitude for my immune system. Also - Star Trek Picard is over and I don't know what to do with my life 😅.

Today's vlog is a script for moments when differences in growth edges cause tension.

Growth edges shift and morph. Sometimes I need evolution and refinement, other times I need radical acceptance and "I am enough".

The BEST example of this is my marriage. Hah! My husband tends toward radical acceptance. I tend toward refinement and "getting better". Tension arises when I think he's not focusing enough on "getting better", and he thinks I'm not focusing enough on radical acceptance. However - we have a peaceful home when we realize that we should not expect our growth edge to be the same as the other person's. We're all different.

At work, I saw this in my leadership as a non-profit Executive Director. Someone I managed needed "you're enough, you're doing great, keep going!" Their growth edge (in that moment) was self-acceptance while up-leveling their skills. I needed "what are all the ways you can improve?" My growth edge (in that moment) was expanding my ability to receive and integrate my team's feedback. If I had not been a good listener, I could have created discomfort for my colleague by expecting our growth edges to be the same, and criticizing her as a result.

 Here's a script for moments when you find yourself at a different growth   edge than a colleague:

"I need ________ to stay at my growth edge,
and it seems like you need _______ to stay at yours.
Let's determine how we can collaborate in ways that meet both our needs."

Where do you see this dynamic in your relationships? I hope the script is helpful, and see you next time.



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