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Quick Question, and Catching Up




Personal Check In:

It's been a minute! For those of you who are new, welcome.
I recently went to South Carolina with my family and it was a profound and beautiful trip. Went to a Plantation that formerly housed enslaved people, my first time. Nursed my daughter looking over a former cotton field. My son walked through the big house and read stories (and saw photos) of enslaved children his age. Still integrating. History.
Things at Soil and Shadow are shifting, and I'm looking forward to sending along an update soon. On today's audio blog I give a bit of an update about how my personal leadership practices needed to evolve as I was being asked to serve in a deeper way, and I would love to hear where you are in your current practices as well.

I'd also love to ask a quick question - what you would most like to read/hear about in these newsletters?



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