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3 Questions to Help You Integrate Feedback

Personal check in: We went camping this weekend and I am LOVING my new relationship to stamina! I'm also loving my baby girl right now. She's being extra sweet. 🥰

Today's vlog offers three questions to support you with integrating feedback. I had a sick child and Spring conference season hit, and I never finished the giving, receiving and feedback integrating cycle we started a few weeks ago. To catch up, you can download the feedback infographic here.

Integrating feedback is important so you don't feel like this:

Im always open to feedback I can ignore meme

When you've received feedback, and you're contemplating how to work with it, consider the following:
  1. How many times have you heard this feedback? If it's repetitive, that's a sign it should be taken seriously.

  2. How irritated/angry/ashamed do you feel upon receiving the feedback? A strong emotional response indicates particularly helpful feedback ;).

  3. What would change for you and others if you shifted your words and actions according to the feedback?

In the vlog, I offer a personal example of this process and explain the questions in more detail. I'd love to hear if it's helpful and if it supports you with moving along the stages of competency for integrating feedback.


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