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Shadow Work and Power: A Personal Story



Personal Check In:

I went to see The Little Mermaid this weekend, and Y'ALL. I didn't expect to cry multiple times. Seeing it in 4D was an experience - I might be too old for a Universal Studios situation in a 2 hour movie. 😂 Inner child work was gorgeous - we dressed up and let our little Black girls fly.

In this week's vlog, I share:

  1. A personal story about my shadow work related to power, and how it showed up during my time as a non-profit Executive Director.

  2. Ways this shadow work connects to the Soil, Shadow and Spirit Retreat Series for Black mama leaders (Apply! Forward to good folks!), and inquiries about how Black folk experience the nexus of power + trauma.

  3. How you can work with me through Executive Coaching to integrate your shadow even if you're not a Black mama leader.

How's your shadow showing up right now? Reply and let me know?


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