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We externalize responsibility because vulnerability is scary and hard


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I was torn about doing Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos updates this week or next week - it'll be next week. This is my favorite series of holidays, and if you'd like to send your costumes over, please do. 😄

Today's inquiry: How do we consistently challenge our tendency to externalize responsibility because vulnerability is scary and hard?

In the vlog, I:

  1. Share a personal example of this, in the form of a getaway my husband I took over the weekend after five years (!) of not having solo time away from the kids.

  2. Share the professional version of this, when a manager and colleague can either choose personal responsibility or "feedback", and how both choices impact the opportunity for vulnerability and trust.

  3. Ask questions about the concept of safety within myself, ourselves, and how that version of safety can increase opportunities for vulnerability.


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