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Don't Withhold Feedback Because You're Uncomfortable



Personal Check-In: I've been up at 5 am almost daily for the last two weeks, exercising or working.

I am grateful to have such beautiful, fulfilling work and grateful to have a lifestyle where I prioritize my health.


In today's vlog, we're looking at the equity and inclusion implications of giving feedback, and I will walk you through the feedback infographic I sent over last week.


  1. The first page of the infographic walks you through the stages of competency for giving feedback.

  2. It has a section at the bottom with a few equity and inclusion implications for giving feedback.

  3. In the vlog, I explore times when we withhold feedback because of a racial, gender, class, sexual orientation, etc., dynamic in a working relationship, and how to structurally mitigate the tendency to keep quiet.

  4. I also share a "true confession" about where I need to improve those structures within Soil and Shadow and my commitment to practice with you! Hah!


Reminder: If you'd like to work on this with me and our team, please join us at the DEI Leadership Skills Workshop: Giving, Receiving, and Integrating Feedback Workshop on April 20th.


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