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Humility receiving feedback when encountering systemic discrimination


Personal check in was a bit longer this morning, a meditation on how my discipline and internal/external consistency has evolved as a leader. It's good stuff.

In today's vlog, I muse on the complexity of receiving feedback when historical and systemic oppression are a consideration.

  1. Last week, I reflected on the "giving feedback" portion of the feedback infographic, and this week we're looking at "receiving feedback".

  2. The bottom section of the infographic talks about ways that increasing your competency receiving feedback can support equity and inclusion - the ones named all relate to personal reflection.

  3. I reflect on ways I used my experience as a Black woman and systemic discrimination to defend myself against valid feedback (!). That's a MOUTHFUL.

  4. I share our view at Soil and Shadow about complexity, and how humility and curiosity are just as necessary as an analysis about systemic discrimination when receiving feedback. This is for EVERYONE, knowing that the need for folks with power and privilege to be receptive to feedback is a given.

I hope the vlog is helpful, and I'd love to hear your thoughts. This is a nuanced topic that's easy to oversimplify, and I'm aware that this is the beginning of the conversation.

A couple of reminders:

Download the feedback infographic if you haven't already.

Sign up for the Giving, Receiving and Integrating Feedback Workshop on April 20th - we still have space.

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