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And, Also: A Tool for Holding Complexity

Personal Check In

It's HOT. The Editor in Chief of The Week Magazine wrote that we can't deny climate change is real anymore. Have we, as a country, and as a species, come to grips with the fact that these heat waves mean climate change is here? What do you think? I need some group discussion!


And, Also: A Tool for Holding Complexity

  • One of our values at Soil and Shadow is complexity - the ability to hold non-dual, polar truths simultaneously.

  • A tool we use with our clients is called "And, Also"

    • Step 1: Pick a topic. The example I used in the vlog is the relationship between personal accountability and systemic discrimination, specifically applied to me as a Black Woman

    • Step 2: Say a belief, fact or opinion you hold about the topic.

    • Step 3: Say, "and, also..." and add a second belief, fact or opinion you hold about the topic that feels contradictory to the first. (I demonstrate in the vlog - I recommend you watch/listen, I went deep with this one.)

    • Step 4: Repeat until you reach an organic pause. This exercise never ends, but there's usually an insight that occurs that allows for a pause.

  • This tool trains your brain to hold complexity without immediate reconciliation or action - a necessary precursor to inclusive, equitable work.

  • Note: Use this as a personal leadership tool. I do not recommend using this tool with a team without further instruction or facilitation. I find that teams will either choose a very difficult topic to begin, or a topic they have trouble discovering complexity within. A facilitator/instruction supports staying on the growth edge of "safe" complexity that stretches without harm. If you'd like to work with our team on this and other tools, you can schedule a call.

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