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New Workshop: Giving, Receiving and Integrating Feedback


Personal Check-In: Feeling so much gratitude and excitement today! Grateful to the teaching team at my kid's forest school for making sure my babies are having fun in the rain. Grateful to my team for putting together this amazing workshop I'm about to share with you.


So many teams implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives struggle with the relational skills required to apply DEI strategy effectively.


We want to change that.


Want a sneak peek? Download our infographic on Giving, Receiving, and Integrating Stages of Competency.


Does any of this sound familiar?


You've done a training (or several trainings) in antiracism/DEI, but you still feel like you stumble to name bias and oppression. It's uncomfortable to conduct one-on-one conversations to address tense cultural difference situations or to untangle microaggressions. If you're in a leadership position, this is costing you productivity on your team and potentially leading to HR issues - even if you're not aware of it.


You have a pit in your stomach when you know someone has critical feedback for you. Your conscious or unconscious avoidance of it is costing you personal and professional relationships.


You find yourself defensive when receiving feedback. You’re ruminating about the feedback you’re struggling to give, it’s filling your life with moments of violated boundaries, and you may even be ANGRY. 


Your organization makes no distinction between giving feedback and fielding constant opinions, and that dynamic could be leading to overwhelming interpersonal tensions.


There's someone on your team who will not integrate feedback that they’ve repeatedly received. You need a way to talk about the difference between receiving feedback and integrating feedback, but you don’t have the tools or the language for it. 


You can see patterns repeating themselves again and again because feedback is not integrated.


We've been there. That's why we developed this workshop to help you...


Understand the stages of competency for giving, receiving, and integrating feedback and apply them to specific work structures like sales calls, leveling guides, inter-office evaluations, and management meeting templates.


Navigate the emotional distress involved in giving, receiving, and integrating feedback. 


Learn to navigate your specific feedback avoidance type - the specific behavior you use to avoid integrating feedback.


Understand why receiving feedback through conversations, surveys, customer data, and stakeholder focus groups is not the same as integrating feedback and what to do about it.


In this three-hour workshop, you will learn... 


Step-by-step processes for giving, receiving and integrating feedback


Ways to approach feedback that account for power dynamics and histories of oppression


The roadmap for inviting your team to develop a community of practice around excellent feedback.


Who is this workshop for?


Leaders and teams of purpose-driven businesses and social enterprises who want to ensure their feedback practices hold inclusion as a central value.


Where is the workshop?


It's virtual - join from your office, living room, or bedroom (just put some clothes on; we want to see you on video! ;)


What's the price?


$399. This includes post-training access to the recording and all supporting materials.


It's also the last time this training will be offered at this price.


We'd love to see you there - reserve your spot today.


Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing more about feedback practices to give you a sense of what the workshop will cover. Until then, enjoy our infographic on Giving, Receiving, and Integrating Stages of Competency.

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